Implementing Support

Jennifer Spraberry
Whew! What a week! Being busy sure does make the time fly. This week was a hard one, but as I write this blog I am ending it the way it began; talking about agriculture implements. On Monday in Teaching Methods, one of my classmates taught us to “Prevent Harm on the Farm” with tractor safety, and today I am happy to tell you about Jennifer Spraberry, the assistant marketing manager for Wylie Implement and Spray Centers.

Jennifer grew up in the small town of Anson, Texas, but she has lived and worked in Lubbock for about nine years. Jennifer’s family has farmed and ranched in Anson since the early 1900s. She said, “Agriculture has always been a part of who we are; we don’t know any different.” Her family raises stocker and feeder cattle and plants wheat and hay grazer for grazing. Ever since she was a little girl, Jennifer loved going to work with her dad and grandpa. She attributes her passion for agriculture, her strong work ethic, her appreciation of our natural resources, and her knowledge of good environmental and livestock stewardship to the time she spent learning from them. Helping them is still her favorite part of working on the farm.

Along with working on the family farm, Jennifer was very active in 4-H and FFA. In 4-H, she focused on showing lambs. In FFA, she participated in any and every public speaking event she could, and she held a district officer position as well as the position of chapter president. She said that being involved in these projects positively affected her life, especially by building her self-confidence. Jennifer continued her education in agriculture at Texas Tech University. She earned her B.S. in Interdisciplinary Agriculture with a focus in Leadership. (This sounds a lot like what I am getting!) Jennifer also earned her M.S. in Agricultural Education.

Today, she is the assistant marketing manager for all 14 locations of Wylie Implement and Sprayer Centers. Jennifer said, “Every day is different”. And she likes it that way. She said that the business is very progressive. One day she may be focusing completely on social media, and then she switches to planning events, attending equipment demonstrations, and even meeting with website designers. Jennifer loves her job. She loves working “for farmers and ranchers to make sure they have the best quality farm and ranch equipment they need to feed and clothe the world.”

I said, “You have a Pinterest!?” Not only do they have Pinterest, but also Instagram, Vine, Twitter, a website, AND a Facebook page. I was surprised and impressed. Jennifer has definitely used her work ethic to push the limits and get creative with her marketing for the company. She also told me that her well-rounded major at Texas Tech truly helped prepare her for this position. I was so glad to hear that! I believe our major at MSU is doing the same for me. Talking with Jennifer also reminded me that my road is not set in stone, and my plans may change. Hers did a couple of times, but that is okay. There are many ways to support agriculture if that is what I want to do. Jennifer finds herself implementing support for agriculture on her family farm, at Wylie, and on the mystical World Wide Web. That is what makes Jennifer Spraberry a woman for agriculture.

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